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Cockpit Country Logo and tagline lockup

Cockpit Country Logo and tagline lockup

This we know: Cockpit Country is a place rife with passion. Residents proclaim with pride, “We live here,” and they are collectors of artifacts abandoned by British soldiers, organic farmers, drum makers, ital chefs and much more.

It is through these passion points that our branding and marketing agency, Generousitas, was presented with the opportunity to introduce Cockpit Country to the world—and they developed a brand plan that does something extraordinary—it places the people of Cockpit Country (as opposed to the tourists we wish to attract) at the heart of it all.

After months of research conducted with residents, tourists, educators and planners, a brand aesthetic emerged—a tone, voice, look and feel that is original and authentic. The true test was in Generousitas’ presentation to Cockpit residents—and they blessed it wholeheartedly.

The brand presents a region ripe for eco-tourism and sustainability marketing; it is designed to put forth an open invitation to travelers seeking access to remote places, exploration of natural environments and non-packaged experiences.

We are living in an open source world. Anyone can dream up and build an app, tweet their every move or start a blog with a few clicks. In these ways, information is distributed seamlessly and constantly.
Cockpit Country is a brand that can only exist in a flat world, where a remote region of a tiny island can have a voice to reach and influence people with similar interests worldwide. This website is the starting point. This logo is the emblem. The possibilities are many and untold.

The Cockpit Country logo deconstructed

The Cockpit Country logo deconstructed


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Areas of Interest

The Cockpit Country is made up of several distinct communities, each of which offers a unique window onto Jamaican culture. Some of the main regions include, Accompong, Flagstaff, Windsor, Wait-A-Bit/Litchfield, and Sherwood Content. Many of these centers are located close to the Cockpit interior, while others can be reached via a 2-3 hour drive.

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Meet The Artist

Floyd Palmer

December 14th, 2009

Floyd Palmer, Wood Carver Wood carver Floyd Palmer of Marron Town, St. James, credits his influences to the lizards, owls and frogs he’d catch and release as a child. His [...]

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Faces of the Cockpit Country

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